• WLP is a fully insured agency specializing in turn key promotional events and developing marketing programs like, Sales Force Incentives, Distributor Incentives , Deal a Loader Programs, Graphic Art Design, to mention a few!
  • WLP works with brands such as Camus Wines & Spirits, Cordina, Molson USA, Tgingtao, Budweiser, Snapple, Clamato, Mahou, Pilsner Urquell, Amerijet International, Carefree Lifestyle, Anchor Steam, Miller Chill, Rolling Rock, Stella, Fosters, Becks, Aguila, Michelob Ultra, Leffe Hoegaard, Effe Vodka, Ketel One Vodka, Miller Lite, Bud Light Lime, Estretta Damm, Coors, Blue Moon, Anchor Steam, Colt 45 Blast, Redds, Henry’s, Chelada, etc. We help our clients develop new creative promotional campaigns that create consumer demand and develop share of mind.
  • WLP has expanded its resources for promotional advertising efforts, offering our clients not only the services of our Ambassadors and quality people, but also a new way of thinking in a very diverse world.
  • WLP offers male and female Ambassadors as well as merchandisers experienced in direct product and service advertising. Our Ambassadors are not only attractive, but also charismatic with outstanding communication skills. They not only promote for our clients, but help create brand awareness and consumer pull.
  • We also have a luxury 3 level penthouse in the Dominican Republic. Our Clients can use this facility for Sales Incentives, Retail Programs or just for R&R, in addition we count with our own storage spaces in Long Island and Queens.